our achievements
towards sustainable viticulture

Born from strength, transformed by love
Our achievements towards sustainable viticulture

The hackberry tree (“Bagolaro”), which grows majestically in one of our finest vineyards, knows exactly what it wants to do.

Its untiring strength is the quintessence of our idea of sustainability: doing what is right, even when that calls for greater effort.

That’s what we’ve done ever since the start, immediately managing our vineyards in a sustainable manner

Even right here in the hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, where doing so means greater exertion and more time, heroic viticultural practices and careful use of technology.

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Now that our production at Tenuta di Refrontolo is entirely organic, we can proudly declare that this, as the hackberry tree reminds us, is our manifestation of strength and love for this area.

Our story is written in the land

Learn more about the characteristics of the 2022 vintage.
Learn about the 2022 vintage

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From earth to table, our products give life to unique and genuine flavors.

Together with Chef Paolo Bortolussi we have studied some recipes inspired by the raw materials of our territory and in harmony with our wines.
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