our achievements
towards sustainable viticulture

Our commitment

In the footsteps of Bagolaro

Our commitment for a more sustainable environment:

Manual operations

From pruning to the harvest, which takes place in special crates to preserve the grapes

The natural practice of green manuring

It increases the fertility of the soil by using natural essences

Conserving “biotypes”

To pass on the genetic inheritance of the vines, which are over 70 years old and have survived quite naturally

Preserving biodiversity

By contrasting the insects that are harmful for the vines in a natural manner, and creating a healthy environment for the area’s fauna

Abandoning chemical herbicides

Using exclusively ingredients allowed for organic farming

Informed environmental management, to guarantee biodiversity.

Care for the surrounding vegetation (olive trees, rose bushes, fruit trees and woodland) and the presence of beehives in our vineyards create the conditions for perfect integration in the countryside, ensuring a healthier environment for all forms of life.

All this is an integral part of Santa Margherita’s philosophy of sustainability, which is highlighted in:

Energy self-sufficiency

We avoid releasing 618 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, thanks to the use of renewable sources

Zero food miles

We produce the bottles for our wines in the glass factory a stone’s throw away from the heart of our vinification, using for a large part recycled glass

Carbon Neutrality

The Pinot Grigio we export to Canada is certified “Carbon Zero”: every gram of CO2 we generate is compensated by a positive action that reduces or is equal to our emissions

Recuperation of the label rolls

We are participating in the UPM Raflatac project, which allows us to recuperate the waste from our self-adhesive labels and transform them into new products